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Hi, I'm Vhan. A copywriter at Groupon, Thailand. You'll find a lot of Castiel and Destiel here. Also: TOM HIDDLESTON, general films, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and occasionally Daft Punk. I am also that person who read news for fun.
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Today, 8 years ago was the day Tsunami hit countries surrounding Indian Ocean. 

It killed over 230,000 people in 14 countries. 

In Thailand, 5,395 people were confirmed dead, and 2,817 were reported missing. 

The number would be higher if a little girl - one little girl - did not recognize the sign of Tsunami and/or her parents failed to tell the authority to evacuate locals and tourists in time.

It always helped to be prepared for natural disaster. We are just insects compared to mother nature after all. 

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